Many mental illnesses are induced by triggers. Examples of trigger-based mental illnesses are PTSD, anxiety, eating disorders, and substance abuse. Such trigger-induced mental illnesses affect 24 million adults in the United States daily. Patients in therapy have no way to track their progress, and therapists have a difficult time finding these triggers. A large demand for data & clarity in this field exists. We're taking the first step to improve the patient-provider interaction in therapy.

What it does

We created a full-cycle platform that allows therapists to better visualize issues that their patients face. By analyzing data continuously generated by wearables we can correlate trigger-induced symptoms such as elevated hard rates, elevation in sweat levels, and images taken by the users with their mental health condition.

Targeting triggers that cause mental health symptoms and working to better react to them is crucial in treating trigger-induced mental health conditions such as PTSD and Anxiety.

Current wearable technology is accurate but has not been leverage for legitimate "medical" reasons due to attached stigmas. Wearables are seen as "gadgets". We expect to develop a pilot program to validate the technology with existing wearables. Once verified, we will develop a proprietary medical device that will be far more accurate, and fall under health insurance coverage.

How I built it

We leveraged existing technologies that generate valuable data to provide insight for therapists into what they usually cannot see. Our platform was built with the interaction between the patient and the health professional in mind. It allows the patient and professional to go over the data step by step, and address triggers and symptoms in a targeted way.

Challenges I ran into

Finding a feasible implementation for the problem of inefficient PTSD therapy.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

What I learned

Health sector intricacies are such a real thing.

What's next for PuzzLink

Built With

  • analysis
  • api
  • data
  • deep
  • fitbit
  • learning
  • mobile
  • portal
  • reports
  • sensors
  • wearable
  • webapp
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