College frat parties and other social events are usually very unsafe; being able to 'check-in' can be a huge help to those going out alone or in small groups.

What it does

The user can set their own name, location, time interval, and friend to contact to create a customized message to send if they don't respond or are unable to correctly answer questions. The program prompts a math problem after a time interval has elapsed, and if the user does not respond in 10 minutes or answers incorrectly 5 times, will send an email to the user's chosen contact to check up on them.

How we built it

Using java's mail api, timer, and JFrame--and a lot of lines of code.

Challenges we ran into

Sending emails, making a timer, and learning concepts about the JFrame GUI. As we are pretty new to both GUI, APIs, and java as a whole, the entire process was a great learning experience.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Learning how to send Emails through java, and mastering GUIs at least slightly.

What we learned

APIs are extremely helpful for implementing creative features, coding as a group is difficult, GitHub makes no sense, and JFrame doesn't like change.

What's next for PuzzlesforSafety

Hopefully an Android and IOS version, as we decided to stick to just plain java this time to prove our concept.

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