Many diabetics struggle with getting enough physical activity throughout the day. Sure they can try to use fitness trackers that show them how many steps they have taken but that is boring. So I created a watch face for Android Wear devices that allow users to view how many more steps until they reach their goal of 10,000 steps everyday just at a glance. I created this watch face so as to not distract the user from the current time because let's be honest, determining the time is the primary point of a watch.

A different daily push notification is sent every morning with a statistic from the optional NHANES data to inspire both diabetics and prediabetics to take care of themselves.

The ability to share when a user hits their daily goal helps user's stay honest assuming their loved ones are on the same social networks as them.

This app was inspired by my father who is a diabetic and a huge walker. I chose to currently not allow users to not change the goal from 10,000 steps because like my dad says: if you are going to do something use your entire ass. By forcing everyone to atleast do 10,000 steps, we are not allowing people to sneak out with doing less.

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