To while away the time in a queue; to evoke dreams, lying in a bed, to entertain a child for the benefit of development on the long road. All this can be done with the help of this program. Classic jigsaw puzzle game, very close to reality, except the possibility to wipe everything off the table with a reckless movement. Program features:

  • ability to select any picture from the gallery;
  • multitouch: with every finger you can move it's own puzzle piece. You can take a puzzle by one finger and move the view by another. And above all (And most importantly of all) - YOU CAN PLAY TOGETHER! (if your device have an appropriate screen size);
  • unlimited working space;
  • rotating of elements (optional);
  • a full sized hint picture underneath the puzzle (optional);
  • automatic save when you receive incoming call or when you press home button;
  • a list of recently putting together pictures;
  • four levels of difficulty: from the most simple, affordable even for children (5*4), to the impossible (20*16);
  • support pictures with any resolution taken with the camera or downloaded from the Internet;
  • English localisation;
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