JEMK - A fun image guessing game

Do you fondly remember playing random games with your friends? No? Why not download JEMK - a fun image-guessing game! Say goodbye to those moments of awkward silence where you don't know what to do anymore!

Now, with JEMK, you can test you and your friends' extensive knowledge of wikipedia. Two images will be presented to you with words that start with the same three letters, and it will be up to you (or your friend) to see who guesses the letters first! But be warned, this challenge may not be as easy as it seems.


  • Score tracker: 20 points are earned every time you answer a link correctly, and the correct words will be displayed. But be warned, if you give up, all of your points will be wiped (and you won't get the correct words)!
  • Randomly-selected images from the current set of wikipedia main images. You won't be getting the same old photos from an outdated database!
  • Fun with your friends!*

*friends not included

Individual IDs: 0255 0256 0300

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