We thought the Journalism industry has been producing decreased quality of news. We want to build a community within the Journalism School itself. Our concept is inspired by one of our team member, who is majoring in Journalism. She felt lost with no direction because she didn't have a strong connection with other individuals and resources. In this instance, we believe the education is the foundation of Journalism industry.

What it does

We develop an iOS application that connects the resources, such as students, alumnus, and professors, within the Journalism School in the university. Our application have four main functions: news, experience, interaction, and resources. News provides latest and categorized news. Experience obtains writings and videos from credential journalists and professors. Interaction allows users to send emails all Journalism members. Resources has all users' profiles and the opportunities posted by alumnus and professors.

How We built it

We built PUZZLE with mainly swift because it is an iOS app, we created a backend database with java, tomcat. We also implemented Microsoft graph API

Challenges We ran into

Finalize the concept during the brainstorming process was a big challenge. And, building the backend database required lots of time. Furthermore, we kept going back and forth on what we can do and what we want to do.

Accomplishments that We proud of

Think through a unique and creative perspective.

What We learned

The communication is very important in terms of getting advises from mentors and talking to each other about flashing thoughts. A strong teamwork is the foundation of being success.

What's next for Puzzle

The possibility of using this application not only in Journalism but also other colleges, such as Engineering.

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