Nature is beautiful. However seeing nature being destroyed makes life even more dull than it already is. As we see more people littering and contributing to global climate change, it hastens the process of the destruction of our beautiful planet. Instead of waiting to see what it would look like, here is a simulation of it instead.

What it does

We built a VR program to inform the user about how climate control can affect our current environment. The first experience will show the user nature in a beautiful state. Then, it will show the user the same place, but after the affects of pollution and climate.

How I built it

We used the platform Unity for our project, initially fiddling around with the features to create our desired experience. But as we got more familiar with it, we were able to refine the experience to provide the user the best experience possible.

Challenges I ran into

Many team members ran into multiple problems starting off such as some IDEs being incompatible with our hardware. Also we were much as lost on how to implement our ideas.

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