The Corona virus is breaking apart our world. Many people are feeling depressed and helpless in front of the virus. In this situation, we think AI can make a positive impact for people not only in an easy but in a strong, effective way.

What it does

This application can make people smile. From psychiatrists, we know people can become happy by merely looking at their smiling faces. So, we check if the person who is using our application is smiling or not, and if not, it says "SMILE!" until they really smile. We can make people smile simply with this application and make them feel better.

How we built it

Pytorch and PyQt

Challenges we ran into

We are not familiar to PyQt and handling the camera API.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of this idea, which can make people smile easily.

What we learned

We learned we don't just need high-level technology always to make the better world. Having a warm heart with high-level technology to find a way to make the world better is also powerful and important.

What's next for Happiness Virus

We are going to publish this application to real application, in which people can use this conveniently.

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