It's pretty much based off the Unity beginner tutorial I did today I just added a bunch more stuff

What it does

Just a weird little game where you control a ball and try to get to the ending

How we built it

Unity, following the tutorial then struggling to find information for other compoenents not included because I couldn't think of the name of stuff I was trying to google when I was searching for info lol

Challenges we ran into

The 3D stuff is hard to move around, and for the first day I was stuck on the tutorial trying to figure out why my computer didn't seem to work the same way :')

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • I figured out why the tutorial instructions weren't working on my computer after several hours :')
  • I made a sort-of-complete game yay

What we learned

  • 3D Game dev is harder than 2D game dev wow :O
  • But like yeah I also learned how to do basic stuff in Unity which I'm pretty happy with
  • I also finally learnt C# after so long :')
  • I love the funky physics it reminds me of little big planet :')

What's next for PushyGame

  • Something more fun and with a more focused objective to it (basically more content)
  • More funky physics stuff
  • Better visuals and UI

Play my game?

  • It's my first game but if you're free I'd love feedback/ constructive criticism about it! Try it here

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