Grundfos has presented a challenge for us, where we may be able to have an influence on the usage of water and create a project which can help us towards an everyday life with a reduced water consumption.

What it does

The website is only a semi-working proof of concept.

How we built it

Python frontend (Flask) combined with a Python backend

Challenges we ran into

The competencies in our group are not in any way diverse, as we all study the same and haven't used python for anything else than data crunching, which consequently was the starting point for a steep learning curve if we were to create a fully functional product.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We managed to create a web application with Python, HTML, CSS and connect it all the way from the backend to the frontend, which we didn't anticipate in any way. "Yai us!"

What we learned

HTML, CSS, Web development, Web design, usage of API's.

What's next for PushToSaveH2O

We may work on the proof of concept and implement more functions, which we have thought of, as this project has been a great way of learning different things, languages and how it all works together.

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