We had many interesting tasks, but decided to create chat bot for the Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts because it's important to integrate technologies to cultural enviroment!

What it does

Chat Bot can:

  1. Find exhibitions, concerts, lections and other events. It makes by button touching and date inputting.
  2. Share museum's news, opening hours, ticket purchase section
  3. Set reminders

Also it shares cool stickers with users! :3

How we built it

We created library for Telegram API and used it as a base for bot. Also we used Russian Culture Centre API for Pushkin Museum's data receiving.

Challenges we ran into

It was difficult to learn Russian Culture Centre API, also we used telegram's inline buttons to store application state, althought we had only 64 bytes.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're proud of our chat bot. It helps get information about Pushkin Museum fastly and more interesting.

What we learned

It was awesome experience - creation of a project in a short time.

What's next for Pushkin Museum Bot

Tickets purchase via Telegram technologies, ability to subscribe newsletters, using inline mode to share events with friends.

Built With

  • python
  • telegram-api
  • asyncio
  • aiohttp
  • russian-culture-centre-api
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