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How I built it

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What's next for Pushing For Progress

Humans are flawed beings, but that’s okay. Humanity has still accomplished some of the greatest feats conceivable. We are the superior species, because of our nature. We are superior to machines because of our creativity. Though many people do not reach their full potential due to procrastination and mental unhealthiness. Especially now in a global pandemic, people are forced to go online and screen time rates have gone up immensely. People are finding it harder and harder to motivate themselves with constantly sitting behind a laptop or computer. That’s why we have created this app called, “ Push for Progress”. First, our UI I is meant to promote comfort, ease of use, and focus. We provide security for their account so they can track their progress. This app allows users to record and track how productive they felt throughout the day. Our website then promotes healthy working conditions with notification reminders. They will receive notifications with reminders such as drink water, make sure to eat, turn on an anti-blue light at a certain time, and a link to brain breaks. A study from the University of WarWick, found that a Happy worker -22% more productive than an unhappy worker- (Compare happy to unhappy since 22% difference is bigger and looks better) is 12% more productive than the average worker and an unhappy worker is 10% less productive than average. Our app is designed for everyone as we believe each individual can benefit from its use. Our logo represents what we stand for, the entirety of it is in black and white to promote minimalism and focus. The crescent at the bottom is a ship pushing its way through the tough seas, just as our users push through their rigorous tasks. The lettering is a mix of PFP in both upper and lowercase, showing our work is versatile to any change. The dots represent the stars, so precisely reach for the stars. Then finally the eyes in the P represent the eyes of the phoenix constellation, rising from the ashes.

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