Managing music playlists for a party can be a time consuming and frustrating process. Trying to account for everyone's tastes can be nearly impossible. If only there was some way for everyone to decide on the songs they want to listen to together...

What it does

Through the PushBeat web application, you and your friends can search for and add music to a communal party playlist. Then everyone can either upvote the songs that they actually want to listen to or downvote the ones that make their ears bleed. The entire process is seamless with no annoying account creation or sign-ups needed. Users can even submit song requests by simply texting the song's name to their party session. Partying hard has never been so easy!

How we built it

We used the MEAN stack to create a dynamic and easy-to-use single page web application. We made use of the Youtube Search API to pull up the songs that users search for and the Spotify API to pull in the metadata (album covers, etc.) that make for a visually pleasing experience. Songs are downloaded to our server from YouTube and transcoded to mp3 format, then they're uploaded to cloud storage in AWS. And from there they're piped straight to our users' ears!

Challenges we ran into

We dealt with the difficulty of managing and transferring multiple mp3 files as well as the challenges associated with managing data flows from several clients all feeding into one app.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We created a slick and modern interface that complements the fun and exciting parties our users want to host! The app is fully responsive and looks beautiful on both desktops and mobile devices. SMS based input makes it even simpler for mobile users to join the party - including the ones who do not have access to the Internet. The onboarding process for new users is nearly friction-less - party-goers can get started with just a single click of a button! All of this simplicity abstracts away the fairly technical and complex internals of the app in order for our users to have the optimal party experience.

What we learned

We developed proficiency with the MEAN stack and with the principles of beautiful UI design.

What's next for PushBeat

We think it would be pretty cool to add a chatbot that supports natural language processing so that users could communicate with our service even more effortlessly and naturally.

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