In the past, I've enjoyed using some of the available push-up training apps that are available on the App Store. Unfortunately, most of them are quite dated at this point and lack many of the features that users expect in modern iOS applications.

What it does

The application provides multiple modes - training, session and team. In training mode, the application aims to increase your overall strength and endurance. In order to do so, the application guides the user through a number of levels of increasing difficulty. Each level includes a number of stages, which contain groups of reps, with carefully timed breaks in between. Session mode is primarily designed for tracking your personal best - i.e. maximum amount of push-ups done without stopping. Team mode introduces a competitive element, allowing users to challenge each other while achieving goals together.

What's next for Push Ups

At the moment, the application is actually around 90% finished, however I don't currently have any plans to release it. It's been a couple of years since I worked on it, and there are a number of things I would now do differently. As such, it will probably remain an application I use for myself until I find some time to rework the design and some features.

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