We can all agree that meters are very hassle-some. It causes the general public huge inconveniences in their every day lives. Students who commute to class via car have to worry about paying the parking meter during class or even while taking a test. This is detrimental to their education because some may leave class early just to avoid getting a ticket. Some even find themselves in situations where they have to leave a lunch date midway just to pay for a meter. However, this can be solved by our simple mobile web app that pays for meters at the push of a button. With pay pal, we have a safe and secure interface that let's us charge our customers while also providing them that convenience. Not only do we protect our environment by saving paper but we also allow users the ability to manage their every day lives. We can also target this to users who want to allow others to rent their parking spaces at a set price per hour. This way, locals can have the opportunity to make extra money and benefit the community in need. Venmo provides us a way to have person to person transactions and let's us just have more freedom on how we want to spend our money.

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