Discussing about the most pressing issues in developing regions, we concluded that safety is a big concern that we want to address. Our solution is a software as a service (SAAS) to receive firsthand response in high-risk emergencies. The client (in any emergency) will press a button in their phone 2 times or more (can be configured personally) which will send an SMS to the operator who’ll then relay the information to the authorities. The software can be built with python; it will use standard python GUI libraries along with others which let us execute AT commands to interact with GPRS/GSM modems (the device to receive and relay the information) The mobile application can be built using languages using Kotlin, Java or Swift or it can be made using frameworks which allow us to use a single codebase languages (Flutter and React-Native) for both operating systems (iOS and android). The entire system is cost efficient, accessible, secure, and simple.

We researched about rape cases, assaults, kidnapping and other violent crimes in developing regions and realized that there is immediate need for a service of this sorts.

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