Our inspiration came from the Netflix and Chill button and many nights where disorganization within our group of friends has shortened the amount of time we can have fun.

What it does

Our button sends out a text blast to your closest friends and polls them on where everyone wants to got for the night, while simultaneously preparing an Uber and queuing up some tunes!

How we built it

Caffeine, Python, and a Raspberry PI, and a pretty cool button.

Challenges we ran into

The initial challenges we faced were issues with complying the correct results from the polling software we are using.

Accomplishments that we are proud of

No one lost their cool. Debugging was fairly simple. Fixing the polling software. Getting the button to work.

What I learned

Python, Python, and more Python. How to troubleshoot the button. How to send notifications through multi-platform channels.

What's next for Push 2 Party!

Pull 2 Party, Bop 2 Party, Pass it. Pythong 3.0 lol

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