Dopamine receptors in our brains treat social media as a stimulant. Many a time people go to websites with a lear intention of simply checking their notifications or updating their status, then leaving within a couple minutes. This is rarely the case. We often spend much longer than we think and even forget why we opened the site in the first place. For this reason, we created Purposed. As soon as facebook is opened, the user is redirected to where Po the Penguin, Purposed's mascot, asks the user to enter their purpose for opening facebook. The user may also choose the option stating "I have no purpose" in opening facebook. The user is redirected back to facebook where a five minute timer starts off. Once the timer reaches the end, a popup appears on the tab where Po reminds the user of their task and asks if it has been completed yet or not. If it has been completed, the popup disappears and timer is stopped. If not, the popup disappears and the timer is reset. The user can click on the icon at any time to remind themselves of what they opened facebook for. We built purposed using through visual studios online, github and .tech. The main languages used were javascript, html, css, and json. We watched several tutorial videos and referenced existing chrome extensions. As chrome extensions are a new topic for the both of us, we were overwhelmed by the amount of new information we gathered. We had to take full advantage of all our resources including w3schools, youtube tutorials, 42 school students(s/o to Sean & Brandon!). Another struggle we overcame was coding the countdown timer. This required a lot more thought and logic than we imagined but pieced it together over time. We are also proud of our user interface because of its simplicity, functionality and aesthetic. In addition to learning json and strengthening our html, css, and javascript skills, we became more open to trying new things. Because we delved into an unfamiliar topic, we learned that even if it is difficult, it is absolutely possible to create an extension with no previous experience doing so within 24 hours. In the future, we would like to expand the features of Purposed. We would add more user input so there is more control over things like how long the timer should be set for as well as which sites to use the extension on. In the modern world, productivity is essential, thus we see no need to monetize.

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