We were inspired by the difficulty of high school math courses and the opportunity to use Java Applets.

What it does

Uses Java Applets embedded in a website to utilize formulas different from those available on a standard TI-84. These functions include: 1-sample t-test, 2-sample t-test, matched pair t-test, z-test, quadratic root calculator, cubic root calculator, irrational root finder, plane finder, systems of equations solver, cross product, trigonometric tension, vector addition, irrational power finder, and a standard addition subtraction multiplication division calculator.

How we built it

Built Java Applets for each formula --Coded a website with html --Formatted with CSS

Challenges we ran into

Java applet compatibility and Website DNS

Accomplishments that we're proud of

getting it to work but also connecting java applets to the website

What we learned

how to code applets --how to do certain aspects of html

What's next for Purplxd

more formulas, better compatibility (only works on IE and not on school wifi), improved formatting --note: for now, you must manually connect the domain with the ip address

Built With

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