The pandemic and the stay-at-home orders. We'd like to go back to restaurants, without the risk of infection.

What it does

It scans QR codes to access restaurant menus and lets users order on their phone! They can look at each menu item with AR capabilities.

How I built it

Using React-native for the app and the front end. The database is connected to firebase. Viro is used to make the augmented reality component.

Challenges I ran into

Creating the AR renderings. That was undoubtedly the hardest part. Processing an image and transforming it into a 3D usable image was completely new to us!

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Getting a relatively complete app within the timeframe, with most of the things we envisioned turning out right.

What I learned

How to create applications, connect everything to databases and augmented reality.

What's next for DiscovAR

Use it in other areas that require human interactions. Create a full fledged restaurant app and integrate payment systems.

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