My inspiration came from a friend who is a member of the LGBTQ+ community. She said that once she was having a bad day, she felt a lot better after just hearing a joke. Thus, I created this platform so members of the LGBTQ+ community could give and receive random acts of kindness and share their stories.

What it does

The website allows users to create and log into accounts. Each time they receive a new anonymous message from someone, it will be displayed on their home screen. Anytime they want, they can choose to anonymously send a random message of kindness to another user to demonstrate their support. There is also a page where users can share their uplifting stories to inspire people going through a similar situation.

How we built it

First, I created the initial design of the app by sketching out the screens on Procreate. Next, I used atom to build the website. The languages used were PHP, HTML, and CSS. For the database, I used a mySQL database to store user information and stories.

Challenges we ran into

A challenge I ran into was figuring out how to send the message to a random user, as it was hard to understand how to read from the mySQL database, as well as ensure the message actually got updated onto the page.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

An accomplishment I am proud of is that I was able to understand how to use the mySQL database. I spent about all of Friday simply trying to understand how to integrate the database with my website. When it finally succeeded I was ecstatic!

What we learned

This was the first time I used PHP to create a website so I learned about the language. I also learned how to use CSS stylings as well. I normally develop apps and I wanted to try something new.

What's next for Purple Pride

The next step is book recommendations. I plan to build a portion of the website that allows users to share books that celebrate Pride, give a short summary, and rate the book. This way, other users can see it as well. I also want to let users personalize their page more and have a chance to go public with their accounts if they want to.

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