PPE shortages can cause big issues for medical institutions and first responders, especially during a global pandemic. To help combat consumer demand of disposable PPE, reusing equipment is vital. To allow people to reuse equipment, their equipment must be safely sanitized after use.

What it does

Purifyre is a low-cost hardware system that sterilizes and sanitizes through UV LEDs, heated air flow, and vaporized Alcohol. It is designed to be suitable for household and medical use. The system utilizes five primary components, a heater, enclosure, UV Led array, fan, and tub of isopropyl alcohol. The hardware enclosure system is designed to be flat packable or ready-to-assemble by the end user. This allows for easier shipping and distribution. It is also designed to be manufactured out of flat sheet material, which is abundant in a variety of materials. After consulting with a few medical professionals, we have determined a basis for a sequence of operations:

  1. Dry heat 15min at 80C
  2. IPA pumped in to the tray from a small tank,
  3. Heat at 70C for 20 min,
  4. Heat to 40C for 15 min
  5. Heater off for 15min

How we built it

Soldering iron, wires and code. Acrylic cut via laser cutter. Container was repurposed hydroponics equipment. UV LED panel was created from UV led adhesive strips.

What we learned

UVC LEDs burn out

What's next for Purifyre

Better prototype and hopefully funding.

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