"Boy, I sure do love commercials on TV!"

Said no one, ever. Television is a wonderful thing, but the ads are always getting in the way. Like death and taxes, television commercials have been viewed as inescapable - until now! PureTV detects when commercials begin and instantly mutes the audio and blanks out the picture, freeing you from the tyranny of annoying advertisements. When the show comes back, so does the sound and picture. All that's left is Pure TV.

PureTV runs on a MacBook and analyzes the audio signal of your program in real time, vigilantly searching for the transition to a commercial (Waveforms.png). When it spots its prey, it fires its weapon - an Arduino equipped with an infra-red transmitter capable of replicating the signal from any TV remote (Arduino.png). You can choose to mute, power off, or change to a different program until your show returns. When your show comes back, PureTV dutifully restores your previous settings - it just works. Since it runs on your laptop, PureTV can also be used to mute commercials in shows streamed in a browser (mute.png).

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