People's criteria for connecting with others online have up till now been predominantly superficial. We wanted to create something that proves that human connections are initiated by a lot more than just looks. We are bringing that idea into the spotlight by taking advantage of the users' birth dates. We imagine a situation where the zodiac world becomes a revolutionary idea for our modern social media reality.

What it does

It is a chatting app that hides the chatters' personal information until after a few minutes of texting. If they want to know more about each other they can explore more about each others' personal information step by step and potentially get closer to them. The unique part of the app is that we aspire to match people by implementing an algorithm based on their zodiac signs to match them up.

How we built it

Based on react-native we use 'react-native-router-flux','react-native-gifted-chat' to implement the UI and use JavaScript to build the zodiac matches algorithm.

Challenges we ran into

We were all unfamiliar with app making, and we decided to build an android app from scratch. It took a lot of time until all 4 of us got the hang of the React Native. Especially the connection between different components gave us a really hard time. We kept on going, though, because the entire process was extremely simulating in terms of learning.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Within 36 hours we learned how to build a chat-room environment without any prior knowledge.

What we learned

We gained familiarity with JavaScript and React-Native and very passionately experienced the "never give up" spirit. We also feel like we've built uniquely valuable teamwork skills. It is one thing to learn something on your own, and it is another to find other people (who you had never met before this hackathon) who are equally passionate about learning and do it all together. We definitely believe that these skills will follow us on our academic and professional paths.

What's next for Who

We are planning to: 1) Make a time limit function 2) Makes the UI interface better 3) Considerably improve the matching algorithm, since the one presented is a very simplified version 4) Make the app interactive between two people. 5) Add fancy features to people's profiles that will allow even more interaction, such as first and last impressions. 6) Advertise the zodiac sign aspect of the app in a way that it sounds funny, enjoyable and surprisingly accurate.

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