Wanting to solve real word problems that are hard through the use of technology. A fun/family bonding weekend. Pushing our own personal limits in terms of software, wood working, hardware and .sleep deprivation

What it does

Colors reflect the same color light. Using this idea, we shine a series of colors on the products in the cooler and see what is reflected back. So if we shine red light and get a lot of light reflected the item must be red.

How we built it

Table Saw, Pocket Screws and a ton of solder and hot glue. There is an arduino that is powering the lights and the photoresistors. The readings from the photoresistors are sent over serial connection to a Raspberry Pi that will make the determination of what product is in the cooler. Any change of state is logged and pushed up to the cloud where analytics can be applied.

For connected environments, we expect data to be sent over wifi/3g up to the cloud real time. In a semi-connected environment (one which suppliers have access to car and internet), the supplier can drive around the market and have the logs sent to him via LoraWan. For non-connected environments, the supplier will have logs sent to his handheld via Bluetooth as he enters the store.

Challenges we ran into

We bit off a lot of work, and ran short of time to complete.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Creation of learning software for cooler calibration. Getting everything wired up!

What we learned

We learned a lot about RGB light reflections and photoresistors. Tackling diverse environments.

What's next for Pure Red

Skys the limit!

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