We used prompt five and were inspired by the forms of stewardess carts in combination with the interesting forms of cleaning droids in Star Wars.

What it does

Our device is pushed down an isle by the stewardess or cleaning crew in between flights. The scanner eye at the bottom picks up when the cart passes a seat and tells the sprayer nozzle to spray an antimicrobial solution onto the seats, effectively killing the germs on the seats and armrests within the cabin.

How we built it

After going through several phases of design sketching, coming up with a form we were happy with, we created a 3D model in Solidworks. Afterwards, we dropped the file into Keyshot to create nice looking renderings of the product.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Our presentation turned out better than we had expected it to. Additionally, our renderings turned out looking fairly nice.

What we learned

We learned a good deal about germ control and management within planes.

What's next for Pure Flight

We would construct 3D prototypes. We would then proceed to testing the prototypes with a sample group. Finally, we would produce functioning models.

Built With

  • keyshot
  • solidworks
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