- I got inspired by a fellow from linkedin when I was surfing on linkdin I meet a student from jaipure whose     
    resume was very impressive and his project were  more impressive. His whole work inspired me to do 
    something new and I stared making UI.

What it does

 Basically UI is the user Interface which is built by keeping in mind that  how any app or website will appear 
on  internet. 

## How I built it It gives variety of option to the user where user can interact with it. After the user interface ,we basically deal with UX(user experience ) .

Challenges I ran into

 well, learning Html is little easy, but at the same time learning CSS is more than doning any other task.
 When you are learning any new thing you have to give your 100%. Although learning CSS was quit fun.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

 Learning CSS and becoming expert in any any kind of new technique is itself a proud moment.
 It was quit fun and interesting while learning CSS and HTML.
 Now ,I can assure you that I can do better than anyone else.

What I learned

 From CSS and HTML ,I learn all the basic -to -advance level. Now I am capable enough to design my 
 own site. Even I can make changes in prior written codes in wordpress.

What's next for Web site

 Now I am learning new library for CSS and after that I will be working on some project were I can 
upgrade my knowledge. I coming future I would like to be a PHP developer.

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