A group member was concerned about the freshman 15 and the health implications it could have after college so we wanted to help students be informed and make the right choices

What it does

Takes inputs from the user about their diet preferences and outputs optimal food and dining court choices based on what the dining courts publish as available for each day.

How we built it

We used Android Studio and Java to read the Purdue Dining API and collect the information off of it

Challenges we ran into

The database in which we stored the user information was specific with spaces and caused many problems before we realized the source of the issue. The Purdue API was also extremely difficult to access and make proper use of

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Work with each other exploring uncharted territory for many of us not having worked with Android Studio or API's

What we learned

Much about Purdue's systems and how to communicate between them. We all have a lot of specific experiences now with Github and Android Studio.

What's next for PurdueDietDining

Finalize the algorithms to take in more information and polish the appearances.

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