We came into this hackathon hoping to create something that we had no experience with doing but was fun at the same time. In terms of our team's dynamics, it was in our best interest to make a 2D game on Unity. The gameplay itself takes aspects of Pokemon and a standard platform game, while the game's premise was inspired by the BoilerMake opening ceremony video.


Purdue Pete is faced with platform obstacles he must maneuver and is then faced against a BIG10 mascot that stands in the way between Pete and Purdue. Pete and the mascot then battle using a turn based battle system, where both are capable of missing, attacking, and critically attacking. Winning allows Pete to continue forward while losing causes an immediate game over.

How we built it

To create the game, we used Unity and C#. For all of the artwork, Medibang Paint and Sprite Creator were used.

Challenges we ran into

Coming into this project, we had no idea of what was supposed to go into making a game. We were unfamiliar with Unity and its functions, and since we come from Java/C background, we were unfamiliar to this type of programming. We spent a majority of our time trying to figure out how to work Unity, dividing the work, and watching videos on how to even begin making a 2D platform game. Once we were able to figure out getting the frame of the game, we then struggled with using sprite sheets to have animated characters, UI assets, and bugs here and there.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are very proud of being able to produce more than of what we had initially expected. We were able to create a functioning game with 2 levels, incorporate animated sprites, and have a working turn based battle system.

What we learned

From this experience, we were able to take away the fundamentals of creating a 2D game on Unity and C#, how to utilize teamwork to prioritize and split the workload under a strict deadline, how to create an animated sprite, and experience with debugging video game code.

What's next for Purdue Pete's Adventure

We are unsure of what is next for Purdue Pete's Adventure. If in the future, we come back to this project, we would love to create more levels, have more intricate level designs, have more advanced enemy AI, and experiment with adding different features that Unity offers.

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