Our inspiration stemmed from struggling to navigate buildings throughout our educational careers.

What it does

This web/mobile app allows students to navigate within Purdue buildings.

How we built it

We use HTML and CSS for displaying map, Javascript for handling user’s input, and Firebase for Hosting. By using Leaflet.js, for each floor of building, we put its plan as the image in the background of the map. Then, we plot the waypoints on the map and storing it in JSON format. Next, we query the data from JSON file and process it with the user’s inputs to generate the mark or route on the map.

Challenges we ran into

Most team members are not having a ton of experience going into the project, manual entry/human error (fixed later by developing a tool to handle it for us, and sleep-deprivation).

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Making the app scalable, creating an effective without relying on GPS/location tools, self-generated data

What we learned

TEAMWORK! Delegating tasks, how to communicating effectively, using our diverse skills to foster a culture of creativity, and forgive and forget each other's mistakes.

What's next for Purdue Buildings

We created a data generator that drastically decreases data processing time as well as quickly map out routes for any building, or environment, that we choose.

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