The idea of Puppy Walk was born when we observed two dogs acting friendly and playing with each other when they met on a walk, but the owners themselves did not know each other. After several minutes of talking, it turned out that that one of the dogs owners was the fiance of the usual dog owner who normally walked the dog. We decided to have the walking experience tied to the dog instead.

Puppy Walk uses a micro controller and GPS module to broadcast the location of a dog when it goes out for a walk. This location data is pushed through Google Maps API and displays the location of the dog as a point on the map. While a dog is out on a walk, it can meet other dogs.

Initial prototyping with breadboard, then began putting it on a PCB to sow into a dog harness.

Challenges I ran into

Learning GPS libraries for Arduino, circuit design. Limited minds to work on project in parallel. Over ambitious end result.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Getting the early proof of concept done for a project a year and half in the thoughts

What's next for PuppyWalk

Complete the web app, integrate the db we built to allow for user logins, registration, and live dog friend feature, and get 9 more prototypes done to test with owners and their dogs

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