We wanted to create an app that would promote adopting dogs!

What it does

This app looks like the well known tinder app and allows the user to swipe through dogs that are in shelters and need a home. When the user swipes right, a dog is added to their list of matches and they can then view the shelter contact information to adopt this animal. We used dogs from our local shelter but would love to expand this to allow for shelters all around the US and the world.

How we built it

Using android studio, we built a list of dogs available at our local shelter. From there we used java to create a screen that shows profiles of dogs including name, age, breed, good with children, size and a photo and allows the user to swipe right to add the dog to their list of matches. This list of matches is saved into a SQLite database. The user can then click a link to visit their list of matches and choose a dog from this list. Once a dog is chosen and new page opens with their profile repeated as well as the information of the shelter for them to contact.

Challenges we ran into

Learning to use SQLite with android studio and time constraints made it difficult to finish the look of the app as well as the end profile for the user. It was also time consuming to create the swiping mechanism of the profiles. In the end, we ran out of time to finish the profile.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

A working prototype of our idea that shows how a user could fond pets that are a fit for them.We feel that this app could make big differences and increase adoptions of animals in dire need of a home.

What we learned

We learned how to set up a database inside of android studio, as well as create the interface for a tinder like app that swipes left and right.

What's next for PuppyMatch

The profile would need to be completed. This profile will feature The dogs name, photo, details, as well as adoption fees, vaccine information, and the shelter information of who to contact. With PuppyMatch, shelters could opt to give data about their animals to add to a database. With this, we could then add the geolocation of the user and show animals in their range of distance.

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