We like myo.

We like sock puppets.

We like animated myo sock puppets.

What it does

You wear the myo.

We draw the sock puppet.

The sock puppet says the quotes.

How we built it

We parsed the quotes from a text list and translated them into speech. We then linked the myo and ran the animation and quotes whenever the myo recognized sock puppet movements.

Challenges we ran into

Myo Integration

Learned Node.js and to connect the myo (and then found a better way to integrate it)

Animation integration

Processing does not like to let us thread the sound and animation so we had to be tricky

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Slept 8 hours/night at a hackathon

Our glorious animation

A working project

What we learned






What's next for puppetree

Setting up on a website, so everyone can enjoy puppetree with or without a myo

Adding more characters so you can have a movie-quote-sock-puppet conversation with your friends

Set up an online chat room so you can converse with your friends through sock puppet animations instead of instant messaging

Adding more trees to the sock puppet background

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