We encounter dozens of potential furry friends every day when we browse the Internet. We believe that each one of these interactions has the potential to lead to a successful adoption of an animal in need. We also believe in the power of human emotions as a call to action. We built Pupper to leverage your facial expression information to suggest the adoption of pets nearby, which an important component of Phase I of the hurdles that Best Friends identifies which currently deter the adoption of animals in need.

What it does

Pupper shows you a feed of puppies while recording your facial expression via the webcam. Using facial landmark information, we are able to guess what type of emotional response you have to the puppy. We can track the likelihood of joy, sorrow, anger and surprise. We calculate a weighted score of these emotions to determine whether or not you should adopt a pet of the same breed.

How I built it

React and Redux with calls to a variety of APIs.

Challenges I ran into

Integrating and testing the emotion recognition API that we used.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

It works!

What I learned

How awesome React is when developing web apps.

What's next for Pupper

We want to make it much more flexible so that this can be used as an extension to Instagram, Google Search and basically any other website that shows you pets or puppies so that we maximize the number of succesful adoptions that Pupper encourages.

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