We were inspired by Savant, Tobi and Tiyah's app from Last year that won the Lenovo Scholar's competition. We wanted to add more functionality to that app.

Savant demonstrated how it could be used in the classroom but it didn't actually have a lot of material in it. We wanted to get full textbooks to be available in the app.

Our biggest challenge was getting full PDF's into the app. App Inventor has a size limit on the size of the apps and it also didn't play well with PDFs. We got around this with the power of the cloud. We used Google Drive to store the textbooks and though it looks like the textbooks are stored on the device we are actually linking to the Google Drive file. This allowed us to give the user access to full textbooks.

The next steps for this app would be to get more content in the form of textbooks. The app is perfectly usable right now and that is what we are most proud of. We didn't just deliver a prototype. We delivered an app that can be used right away to help improve accessibility to school textbooks.

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