Have you ever been stuck on a Punnett Square problem in your Biology class? Have you ever wondered how you can learn to solve and understand these interesting yet confusing problems? Our product, Punnett Square Calculator, helps you understand Punnett Squares by showing important information pertaining to Punnett Squares, like genotypes of parents, the gametes of both parents, and most importantly, a cross which helps determine the outcome of a certain genetic event to occur. Using Javascript to develop the program that displays the Punnett Square, and information that pertains to Punnett Squares. HTML/CSS to develop the website for this webapp, we have created an easy, versatile webapp to help others understand Punnett Square problems. To simply use this, all you have to do is type in the genotypes of the parents, you can use up to 5 traits while typing the genotype. For example, if a parent has a genotype of AaBbCCDd, Aa represents one trait. After this, information like the genotypes and gametes of both parents, and the cross of both parents is shown on the screen. From this, one can truly understand how to solve and understand Punnett Square problems.

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