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Wanted to learn web3 so here goes my first project in this space

What it does

Completes all 4 tasks of the Punk Domains challenge: allows lookup of a user's domains as well as domain holder and domain data. Also allows transcription of audio using Assembly AI. Also features 3d model from echo 3d.

How we built it

PunkDomains Smart Contract, Assembly AI API, echo 3D, useDApp, express, react, node

Challenges we ran into

I knew close to nothing about web3 development coming in so learned it from scratch. Also had issues with echo3d and trying to render my 3d asset.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

First web3 project and several new technologies learned; the site works as intended and all of this was done by one person in less than half the duration of the hackathon

What we learned

How to make a web3 app; how to use Assembly AI + Punk Domains + echo3D.

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