The only inspiration I remember is having no projects done 4 hrs before the submission deadline.

What it does

The project is a slash command for the Mixmax Gmail extension. It is a add on to your email which provides the best worst puns that are under the sun (Okay this is getting out of hand, I guess I'll run or I'll get shunned.) This feature has been made with extreme dedication for you to share puns with your loved ones.

How I built it

I started this hackathon with two more team members, basically we were WERE a team of three. This project started 4 hours before the submission time after 4 failed projects, 2 lost arms (team members) and 1 broken soul (you guessed it, it's ME). I started coding while experienceing hallucinations 6 am in the morning having had no sleep for a long time. God knows how I built it.

Challenges I ran into

Challenges include but are not limited to having virtually no experience building anything using Javascript, losing team members and making sure I don't loose my cool(which I know I won't this easily).

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

There are a lot of achievements that I am really proud of. I believe the biggest being that I end this hackathon in high spirits having learnt a whole range of stuff and poking with different opportunities that I wouldn't have done on a given day. During the course of the event I am glad that I did not lose hope and kept working on something or the other, which helped me explore different domains.

What I learned

To take the positives out of this experience and learn from the mistakes and the occasional miscalculations. AND also to keep on learning.

What's next for Punderfully Bad Mix to the Max

Our beautiful feature has a bright future. I mean who doesn't like puns. I know, none.

If you read through the whole thing and reached here. Thanks a ton(OKAY! I'll stop now. :( I am done )

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