We initially picked up a Pebble smartwatch, but had trouble deciding what to do with it. We then asked a graduate student for advice, and he said we should do any stupid and ridiculous thing we could come up with. So someone suggested an app that measures and quantifies punches.

What it does

You press a button on the watch, wait until the countdown ends and the device vibrates, then punch something. The app logs accelerometer data to the phone for punch analysis and exits. The phone displays interesting and relevant statistics.

How we built it

We used a linux-based sdk on linux virtual machines, as well as the CloudPebble online IDE, to write C code for the pebble. Additionally, we used Android Studio to create the proper Android app for logging purposes.

Challenges we ran into

Pebble documentation isn't very well organized, and error codes are not always very expressive in what causes them, so we figured out how to make proper event handling that doesn't crash.

What we learned

We probably never want to develop for the Pebble ever again.

What's next for

We might implement a sharing feature, but that will not be directly on the Pebble smartwatch since it's a terrible device.

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