We decided to create Punblocked4u Games to allow users to have the best online experience with gaming! User's will logon to www.punblocked4u.com and use our database that contains many popular games played online to search games they want to play. We ran into many challenges such as an upload option we created where a user can suggest ideas of games or upload a file they have. We had to overcome that challenge by learning more about HTML and Javascript in respect to the uploading file area. Fortunately, we were able to overcome that challenge and allow us to move on faster. We are proud that we were able to finish the coding of the whole website and that everything that we have implemented works seamlessly with the website. I learned a lot about iOS, Android, and Web Development during my time at HackTJ. I learned about a lot of databases and learned about GitHub fairly well! Next for Punblocked4u Games would be to start advertising to different country and here in the US and try to connect people throughout the world through Punblocked4u. We will also utilize Google Adsense to earn revenue for the users that visit our site!

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