"The world is breaking. Come fix it", we heard. We created a product that pushes fixers towards fixing even more! We did it by freeing the world from procrastination and by thus moving the world towards a better place even faster.

We found that too many people who actually wants to do good ends up spending way too much time on procrastination. We wanted to find a way of helping these people becoming even more productive.

What it does: It's a platform for procrastination minimization. It is a distributed pun-ish net (distributed punishment network) - yes we own the domain, which keeps track of your efficiency. With modularity in mind, we created a system/platform, where you can register different services. So far, 3 different service types exists. One is a monitoring service, which is responsible for collecting data; the others concerns rewards and punishments, driven by the data. It's easy to create new services, by interacting with the RESTFul API that we provide. A user registers his/her instance of that service on the API and it just work from there on. The user can register multiple service instance, for example a Windows program for monitoring his/her desktop and an Android app for monitoring which unproductive apps he use.

Due to limited time, we only got to implement the API/server, a Windows monitoring service and a Reward box (a reward service). We also provide a UI with simple statistics.

By monitoring your interactions with your computer, the Windows monitor service collects data about your productivity. Your computer's webcam will check if your emotions reveal that you're not focusing or being productive, the browser knows which pages are for procrastination (you don't need Facebook or Netflix while working, bro), and your active window is checked against a list of keywords to see if you are focusing on something that ruins your productivity.

Our system is surveillant - we admit that. Now you might think that we monitor you through a lot of cookies on your computer. We don't. Cookies are awesome for rewards - and tastes nice - but not for tracking. We keep your information nice and safe on our servers. ;-)

How we built it: C# and Microsoft Cognitive Services for monitoring (on a Polish computer with a Polish command prompt and goddamn Polish error messages).

The RESTFul API is written in Node.JS and uses the ODATA protocol, so that users can make very convenient queries. It's hosted on a dedicated server in France (international tech).

The Reward service is written in Node.JS as well and it automatically registers itself on the server on startup. A servo motor that controls the locking mechanism can then be controlled remotely.

Challenges we ran into: Procrastination, undocumented APIs,, polish error messages, communication issues (with each other and with computers), push up delays (pun intended-we did a lot of pushups), running out of coffee, burning from chili chocolates.

We did procrastinate a bit in the process, but it was okay since we just deprived our sleep and had a lot of coffee (3 cans an hour-ish).

Accomplishments that we're proud of: We have collected some awesome data, lots of it, and we could possibly be the new Big Brother (good guy edition).

What we learned: How to say 'cheers' in polish, new technologies and programming languages.

What's next for An actual awesome UI with nice statistics. We also have a lot of exiting ideas for further development, that we simply didn't have the time to implement. Maybe also make some documentation, so that developers can create their own services (for instance an Android monitor or a shock collar).

Built With

  • angular2
  • c#
  • chili
  • coding
  • coffee
  • dedicated-server
  • laser-cutter
  • microsoft-cognitive-services
  • mongodb
  • node.js
  • odata
  • polish
  • procrastination
  • push-ups
  • raspberry-pi
  • sassy
  • wood
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