My inspiration for this project was knowing the frustration many people have with the time it takes to see fitness results. I thought, "What if I can give you near instant results?"

What it does

This Lens lets the user choose from 4 upper body exercises, tracks their reps, and increases the size of their arms with every rep. After completing 10 reps they look like a body builder!

How we built it

The main trick behind the Lens was using a body normals texture and a partially colored 3D body mesh texture to locate the user's arms/chest and expand them outward. The lens also uses objects pinned to the 3D body mesh to track the user's reps.

Challenges we ran into

It was tricky to get the arm sizes to render smoothly. I ended up blurring and averaging the body normal texture to get smoother results

Accomplishments that we're proud of

I believe we've unlocked a new category of shape-shifting lenses, that can help users with their body image and motivate them to become more fit.

What we learned

Some new ways to apply the body mesh and body normals textures

What's next for Pump It Up

I think the same concept can be applied to making users leaner in addition to building body mass. Lots of possibilities!

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