So, What's the Sitch?

"Dad can you help me get a lot of candy?" - Little Johnnan

How can the new generation of parents, who are experienced mobile app users, have a way to optimize their time to provide their children with the best trick-or-treating experience. Favourite candies, plethoras of decorations, and haunted mazes are the treats of halloween, meanwhile houses that have run out of candy or do not participate in halloween are the tricks.

What is Pumpkin

Pumpkin grants users with access to a map view of their location and allows them to pan around and see houses marked with such tricks and treats. Parents and children can now optimize their time by skipping out on these boring houses and focus on finding their favourite candies and the best decorated houses.

How WE built it

This is an iOS mobile application developed using Xcode and Swift. We are using MapKit to display a map view and importing databases using MySql.

The Future of Pumpkin

The seasonal nature of this app is a quite a shame! Especially when this same technology could used to support other neighborhood level events and businesses. The Pumpkin development team would love to use our app to promote fundraisers, charity/donations, garage/yard sales, lemonade stands, block parties, and snow shoveling jobs for kids in the winter.

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