We were inspired by the 'augmented' theme of Durhack, and somewhat bizarrely, a dream that Charlie had, where social media really did rely solely on likes.

What it does

Pulsifi is a concept for a social media app, that intensifies the usual social experience. Users are able to post text and images, just as in any other social media. The difference is that posts are given only a certain slice time to live, which can be extended with every like, and shrunk with every dislike.

How we built it

We built Django as a web app, with HTML and JavaScript working on the front-end, and using the Django framework on the backend.

Challenges we ran into

We ran into far more difficulties than we would have imagined. We decided to try Django just for something different, but have found it to be a very fiddly and convoluted - all in all, it has been a total nightmare. Next time, we'd probably stick with something more widely used, like node.js or good old-fashioned php to build our app.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Attempting to learn Django (from scratch) in 24 hours
  • Website looks presentable

What we learned

  • Django probably requires a bit longer to learn than 24hrs!

What's next for Pulsifi

  • Getting the whole site backend working so that the experience is the best it can be
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