When was the last time you use your bluetooth speakers? If they were like my old ones, it's mostly likely sitting inside a shelf or on your table collecting desk. However the game changes with the Pulse 2 speaker. It becomes an extension of your phone by handling notifications and reading messages to you.

What it does

We've turned the Pulse 2 speaker and the Everest headset into an extension of your phone. The notifications that come in is categorized by priority. If an unnamed phone number messages in, it will show up as green (low priority). If a person from your contact list messages in however, it will show up as red. Unread notifications also stack up on the Pulse speaker.

What's more is, we can interact with the pulse 2 speaker with our voice! While a notification comes in, we can opt to read the message by sending a voice command to the pulse 2. In addition to this, we also enabled an 'office' mode where you might not want the pulse to play the message out loud. We used the embedded light sensor to recognize the skin tone of our fingers and when we press on the light sensor, it will tell the pulse 2 to send the transcribed SMS into the Everest headphones, after turning on noise cancelling via the Everest SDK.

How we built it

We built it with the Android SDK for both the Everest SDK and the Pulse 2 SDK. We also use a google service to transcribe the SMS text messages. Finally we hook into the lifecycle of the SMS receiving to alert our app (which alerts the pulse 2 smart speaker).

Challenges we ran into

There some some intricacies with the Everest SDK and switching between bluetooth profiles, since the Android system can't currently support 2 connected A2DP devices at the same time. We put in the disconnecting / connecting logic to handle this situation. Also initially we were going to icons, but the resolution of the pulse made us think of other creative ways. We ended with having stacked notifications based on the priority was more innovate in the end.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We didn't get a chance to play with the SDK until later in the afternoon and we practically didn't sleep to finish this!

What we learned

Herman makes really awesome products -- team is amazing with the help to help with issues.

What's next for Pulser

We would like to incorporate it into the app store, provided that there is one that exists.

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