Wherever you are within New York City, someone has been there and done that before you. And chances are, that someone is your friend and their opinion matters more than everybody else’s. This app is a way to see New York City through the eyes of local city experts and friends; and, share the things you love to do in NYC. Through this app you can check the pulse of the places around you and choose to be a part of the pulse. Recommend places where you and your friends party, shop, read, volunteer and do cool stuff by capturing pictures, comments and locations. Be the pulse of NYC because without you and your friends NYC would be just another city Use this app to find and share with your friends: Discounts Fashion Trends Places to Party Places to Pamper yourself Places to take your Date out Places to rent Places for your Pets Places to make a difference There are so many other things you can do with this app, but not enough space to share, so check it out for yourself.

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