The time of COVID-19 inspired us to make a portal that will help common people to get the hospital resources as soon as they need them.

What it does

Our portal does the following things:

  • It helps common people get the medical resources as soon as they need them.
  • People can search for certain medicines in their nearest location.
  • People can book appointments with specialist doctors in their location
  • Also people can donate to fundraisers and also ask for funds with valid details. ## How we built it We made a responsive website with the help of HTML, CSS, BOOTSTRAP, JAVASCRIPT, NEXT JS, REACT JS and FIREBASE ## Challenges we ran into Making the backend of the portal was a tough job. We faced issues in creating API's. ## Accomplishments that we're proud of We successfully created a responsive frontend design ## What we learned We learnt to create APIs and learnt to use NEXT JS ## What's next for PulScope We will add more features and make our portal more reachable to people.

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