After spending 38 years writing his best novel, my English professor and friend John Rubadeau had a hard time finding a publisher and had to pay out of pocket for each book he sold. I realized that if people had a chance to read a chapter beforehand, he might have gotten enough sales upfront to print the book in mass market.

Pulp Fiction is a website that challenges the $100+ Billion publishing industry by putting funding into readers hands. By focusing on both readers and authors, we believe that crowd funding offers a great opportunity to disrupt this market.

With a built-in e-book reader, as well as a Markdown based text editor for authors that makes publishing even easier, Pulp Fiction eases the learning curve for those new to the publishing industry. Payment processing and automatic disbursements handled by Stripe means that authors can do what they do best: write content. Authors can upload videos and build an online profile to connect with users and reach out to new audiences. We are currently finishing up a recommendation system to help users find books that match their interests. Also in the works is integration with Goodreads to allow users to share their experience with other readers and help build support for their favorite authors.

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