Saw a video on the Pulfrich effect but despite his claims I couldn't find any games using the effect, so I wanted to make one and keep it open source.

What it does

If you wear dark-tinted sunglasses but only have the right lens in, the game with appear 3D. Your brain processes darker images slightly slower than bright ones; the darker the input the longer the delay. Due to the delay, objects will appear to have moved; your brain is smart enough to fill the gaps, and that's what makes it feel 3D. The nauseating background is fundamental to the effect; the further away you want the object, the faster it has to move.

How I built it

As this is just a normal HTML/CSS/JS website, I used Notepad++ as my file editor and Chrome as my debugger. I also used Paint.NET for image editing.

Challenges I ran into

I can't draw, so the hardest part of this was creating a decent looking pallet/style.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

While I took the assets from online, I had to make them tile-able (so they could infinitely scroll) manually in Paint.NET.

What I learned

Apparently I'm more artistic than I thought, and that lenses were integral to my sun glasses...

What's next for Pulfrich Bird

I'm going to remove all superfluous files and optimise the code. Then I'll archive it and let Tom Scott know about it.

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