We chose to implement it using Google's Material design, because it's cool! And chose AngularJS because we love it!

What it does

This project is the mastermind game. A web interface for AxiomZen's API (but we have our own implementation as well)

How we built it

We started it using yeoman generators, than we composed the interface while created a javascript client of the API. The last part was just put all pieces together

Challenges we ran into

First time using Google's Material design. Not sure how to handle it in mobile screen.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Spite of works as frontend developer, I avoid design job. Usually, I few my pages looks too ugly, but I really liked this one.

What we learned

How much coffee is needed to keep awake during the hole night. just kidding. We discovered how much we can produce in a single day (or couple days) when motivated.

What's next for PugStunt - Mastermind

We are thinking about integration with social network.

Built With

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